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We specialize in Engine rebuild to increase performance for your car for off-road adventure. Would you like to experience maximum driving pleasure and get more out of your car? In addition to chip tuning for your vehicle, we also offer many services in the area of ​​classic tuning. The desired increase in performance for your car can be achieved through professional engine conversion - ask us about the possibilities!

We take over the conversion or installation for the following parts:

  • Flow-optimized intake manifolds/intake manifolds

  • High-throughput exhaust systems Sports exhaust systems

  • Manifold headers/sport headers

  • Sport camshafts

  • Sports suspension and sports brake systems for more performance - your individual tuning

  • Sport metal catalysts and downpipes

  • Adaptation of the electronics - coordinated, individual map optimization

By converting the engine with the right components, you can better utilize the potential of your vehicle. Find out more about increasing the performance of your car! You can find details in the Products section and on request. We can be reached by phone and using the contact form.


What are your wishes? We offer the right solutions for different performance levels - and for the budget, you have planned. We perform the performance increase for cars of many common brands. In addition to our technical expertise in the field of an engine rebuild, we can draw on many years of experience in tuning.Our company is always at your side to improve performance with a competent all-round service - from advice and car collection for an engine rebuild. The installation work is also possible on request in a workshop of your choice with our support.

Engine Block Pressure Testing


We would be happy to advise you in detail on the engine rebuild and help you to find the right products to increase the performance of your car. If you cannot find the part you need from us, we can also manufacture custom-made products.