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We can get your Pre-Runner conversions done professionally. A splendid experience with this kind of automobile must have inspired you. Visually, Pre runners are reminiscent of those martial companions with which the movie hero Mad Maxrattled over the cinema screens in the eighties. When looking at a Pre-runner, those interested in automotive history will immediately think of a racing car called Locust, with which the designer Hans Grade caused a sensation in the 1920s. The focus of a Prerunner is primarily on two things: robust construction and an enormous amount of spring travel. The chassis resembles a boat hull from which four sturdy wheel suspensions grow like tentacles. The engine, a large-volume, around 400 hp V8 vacuum, lives far behind the rear axle. Rear-heavy weight distribution is beneficial for traction.

Four people can be comfortably seated in the Desert Dynamics Prerunner. Racing seats, a massive roll cage, and extra-wide five-point seat belts are standard. You don’t have to worry about pleasant air conditioning even at 35 degrees in the shade. This guarantees an incomparable fresh air experience. Proper ski goggles serve as protection against the thundering airstream. An intercom like in a military helicopter ensures smooth communication and warm ears. If rubbish flies into the car - brushwood, for example, or a clump of camel grass - that’s no problem: you just throw the clutter out again and don’t even have to crank down the window. 


Away from the few asphalt roads, road construction on the extremely sparsely populated region is rather simple: it is enough for a bulldozer monster to push the roughest obstacles aside. Pre-runner hardly notices potholes with a depth of fewer than 50 centimeters. Only stones that are firmly anchored in the ground are worthy of shakes. Just give us a call for the Pre-runner conversion.

Engine Block Pressure Testing


Pre-runners are pure prototypes that are built on a very stable tubular space frame. These rear-engine cars are not really “beauties,” but they are unbeatably practical off-road: Although they only have rear-wheel drive, the almost 1,800 kg heavy and more than five-meter-long heavy-duty cars are almost unstoppable off-road. Plenty of engine power - 350 hp is the minimum - and massive wheels with a diameter of 85 centimeters guarantee good progress. The new price is between 150,000 and 200,000 dollars, depending on the equipment. Good used Pre runners start at around $65,000. Call us today to get started.